There are foods that will reduce your stress and give you more happiness.

The secret is that it stabilizes blood sugar, which reduces stress levels and a sense of stress from constant work and life pressure. These foods are:

1-Leafy vegetables:

Like spinach, it contains folic acid, which produces dopamine, a chemical secreted by the brain for pleasure, keeps calm, and improves mood for the next day.

2- Breast of turkey:

It is a protein-rich food that helps to produce amino acids and it helps to produce “Serotonin”, a substance that regulates the feeling of hunger and happiness, and also produces tryptophan, which has a calming effect, and is also found in nuts, seeds, lentils, fish, oats and eggs.


Carbohydrates help the brain produce serotonin and act as antidepressants, but instead of getting those carbohydrates from sugars it is best to get them from oatmeal so you don’t risk raising blood sugar levels.


Rich in robotics that resist bacteria in the intestines, which is one of the most important causes of Tension
and stress, as it is rich in calcium and protein.


Adrenaline can raise anxiety hormones, but fatty acids which salmon containing has anti-inflammatory properties that help counteract the negative effects of stress hormones.


Rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that help fight stress, strengthen immunity and improve overall health.



Beneficial for heart health and reduces stress by lowering blood pressure and regulating heart rate, and contains essential antioxidant plant nutrients.

8-Dark chocolate

It has an effective effect in reducing stress hormones, contain antioxidants that help relax the walls of blood vessels, lower blood pressure and regulate blood circulation, and also contain flavonoids that create a feeling of euphoria and happiness.
Dark chocolate

9-The milk

An excellent source of vitamin D promotes, A sense of happiness, Reduces disorders and a sense of panic.


Like flax seed, pumpkin and sunflower, rich in magnesium as in leafy vegetables and yogurt, it relieves depression, fatigue and nervousness, improves mood, resists convulsions and water retention that pressures the brain and causes tension


Leads to a feeling of fullness and Satiety, which helps to feel happy throughout the day and opposition to stress


Rich with zinc, it is an essential mineral in anxiety resistance and improves the ability to concentrate, which reduces the effort to perform the same task, as it is rich in protein and. omega-3.

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