Intermittent fasting is the secret of youth and long life

Intermittent fasting

A recent study, conducted by researchers at Harvard University, found that intermittent fasting enables the body to stay younger, helps extend life and improve overall health.

The new study explained how intermittent fasting keeps the body young at the cell level, through mitochondria, an important part of the cells.

The researchers found that temporarily restricting the diet maintains the mitochondrial balance, which in turn helps improve the duration and quality of life.This type of diet is adopted by a large number of celebrities such as Benedict Cumberbatch,Beyoncé and others, through intermittent fasting, or the so-called 5:2 diet, which involves an unrestricted diet five days a week, in exchange for fasting the remaining 2 days, or eat far fewer calories than is required daily, according to “Russia Today”.

Some past study has shown that intermittent fasting does not just help weight loss, it works to combat the effects of aging, protect against certain diseases, such as heart disease,

blood pressure and Alzheimer’s, the study also showed that this diet was associated with longevity.

Last year, Research at The University of Newcastle confirmed the important role of “mitochondria” in the aging of human cells.

Mitochondria, by their contents,execute electrochemical reactions to produce thermal energy from food components, especially carbohydrates and fatty acids,thereby providing power to the body.

The researchers found that intermittent fasting served manage “mitochondrial” activities with peroxides , these areas of the cell have an antioxidant effect and contribute to long life.

With a new understanding of how intermittent fasting affects cells, this may be the key to discovering treatments that can be useful for increasing life and keeping the body more youthful.

Intermittent fasting. A newer diet you get to know.

Alma Ersheed, a therapeutic dietitian with a master’s degree in public health, explained, Intermittent fasting is a type of new diet that is beginning to spread among people, especially with some celebrities following this diet in order to lose weight.

There are different types of this diet:

1-Diet 5:2

The system is based on the choice of two specific days per week, provided they are not consecutive, and eat no more than 500 to 700 calories through them, and then eat as usual during the rest of the week.

2-Diet 6:1

In this way, fasting takes place 24 hours once or twice a week, thus interrupting from lunch on the first day, until lunch on the second day. Be careful to monitor the total of calories allowed, estimated at 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women.

3-Diet 16:8

Fasting takes place for 16 consecutive hours, including hours of sleep and breakfast for 8 hours, and they are normally eaten.

For example, you can eat from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., fasting until 10:00 a.m. the next morning.

“In all these diets, during fasting hours you can take any sort of calorie-free drinks, such as water, coffee, tea and herbs without sugar.”
She continued: There are benefits of studies on these diets, including:

1-If the total of calories consumed is determined, it contributes to weight loss, like any type of diet.

2-It may help protect cells from aging and reduce inflammation.

3-There is no direct effect appetite control.

4-It is not recommended for diabetes.

As she explained, intermittent fasting is similar to other types of diets, it has its advantages and disadvantages,If a person wants tofollow, it is necessary to consult a dietitian to determine if there are side effects depending on the

person’s health state, and to determine the amount of calories to reach the desired target.


The benefits of intermittent fasting diet in slimming

Intermittent fasting diet helps to reduce about 3 to 8%

of an individual’s basic weight within a week, as well as a loss of between 4 and 7% of waist circumference, which is considered to be advanced compared to other diets for weight loss and burning of body fat, without the need to reduce calories.

The Advantages of Intermittent Fasting Diet

  • Improving health.
  • Reducing blood sugar, while accelerating insulin levels, preventing diabetes.
  • Reduce the level of inflammation in the body, which prevents chronic diseases.
  • Reduce cholesterol, triple fat and blood sugar, thus reducing heart disease.
  • Helping to rebuild new neurons in the brain and prevent Alzheimer’s.

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