Increased fitness in a week

Increased fitness in a week


Fitness is the physical condition, the level at which an athlete depends, namely, the ability of the individual, and his physical competence to do his part in this life without stress or fatigue, this fitness is achieved by following a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eating useful food, in addition to adequate rest.

Increased fitness in a week

– Exercise in the early morning, especially aerobic exercise, it helps to move the large muscles of the body, and improve the health of the heart and lungs, it is recommended to take breakfast, not to skip it, and to continue this routine on a daily basis.
– Avoid sleeping after eating.
– Reduce junk food, sugars, generally harmful foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, foods rich in nutrients that are important to the body, and the need to eat the three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
– Do not wear heavy and woolly clothing during exercise to move easily and lightly
– Stay away from smoking or leave it permanently.
– Do not drink water during exercise because it causes lethargy, in addition to avoiding eating after you have finished your workout for at least one hour.

Duration of exercise and repetition:

Exercise should be done for approximately 20 to 60 minutes daily, the minimum exercise is 20 minutes, and you should continue to exercise for about 5 to 15 weeks to get the best results, as fitness takes a long time to gain; exercise should not be left for more than two months,
because the body will lose its physiological adaptation to cardio respiratory efficiency.
It is recommended to continue either by joining private groups, or by participating in a special club for full compliance.

The importance of fitness:

1- Socially:
Allows a person to acquire the skills and social experiences that help to shape his personality, and increase his interaction with society, it earns him some social values, such as sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, discipline, pleasure, good citizenship, social relations, and System.
2- From a health point of view:
Improves physical fitness improves a person’s overall health, increases the vitality of the lungs, increases the size of the heart, and develops the muscular system, and reduces widespread diseases, particularly heart disease and excessive aging,
people of all ages are advised to exercise to gain fitness, preferably starting from younger ages.

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