Calorie and Diet: What should be the ideal calorie intake to lose weight?

Calorie and Diet

Calorie and diet are interlinked to each other. Calories give us energy, however, if we intake more calories than what our body actually needs it gets converted into fat. Calorie intake varies from person to person, but it is the backbone of any diet plan. The main purpose of the diet plan is to restrict you from eating fewer calories than your body requires which is required for weight loss. The logic is when you eat fewer calories, and your body burns out the excess fat and converts it into energy promoting weight loss. It is therefore extremely important to know how many calories you actually need to stay fit. Let us learn in details about Calorie and diet and find out what should be the ideal calorie intake to lose weight.

Calorie and Diet

What should be your ideal calorie intake?

The number of calories required for men and women is different. Men require almost 2500 calories  to maintain a healthy weight. In the case of a woman the minimum calorie requirement to maintain a healthy weight is 2000 calories. If you are planning to follow a weight loss diet, make sure that you stay within this limit. The best way to start is by listing down all the foods you eat every day and finding out your total calorie consumption. If it is more than the set limit you need to bring it down to 2000 calories in case of men and 1500 calories for women to lose weekly one pound.

However, if you realize you are overweight and you need burning your calories follow these top 5 tips. Let us learn in details about the Top 10 Tips to Burn Calories.
Calorie and Diet

Top 10 Tips to Burn Calories

1. Taking heavy breakfast in the morning is the first and topmost tip to burn calories. Breakfast keeps you full throughout the day. It is important to have a protein-rich breakfast as it promotes weight loss. If you stay full, it is certain you won’t require to eat any snack during the day. Your body gets enough space to burn the calories and increase metabolism.
Calorie and Diet
2.Eat meals at regular interval is extremely important. The best way to do it is to break down your meals into smaller portions. Instead of eating three- times full meal, you may choose to eat six times in smaller portions but at a regular interval. It not only helps you to burn calorie but also prevents mid-day snacking.
3.Eat fruits and vegetables as a snack in case you are hungry. Both fruits and vegetables are fibre rich food which helps in cutting down the excess fat. They are extremely nutritious and good for health. Apple dipped in organic black chocolate is a healthy snack.
4.You can select eating fruits and vegetables which burns calorie slowly. Choose fruits like Avocado which takes a long time to release energy and keeps your appetite full.
Calorie and Diet (6)
5.You must exercise regularly to burn off all the extra calories. Start with some light exercise like brisk walking, jogging or easy stretch exercises. Exercise not only helps you to burn the calorie but keeps you fit and healthy.
Calorie and Diet
6.You must drink an adequate amount of water and keep yourself hydrated. Moreover, water is a zero-calorie fluid that promotes weight loss. Drink a glass full of water before any meal is important. It will make you full and therefore reduce the calorie intake.
Calorie and Diet
7.Eating fibre rich food is extremely important if you want to burn calories. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. have a high source of fibre which promotes weight loss.
8.If you are eating canned food, make sure to check the label for the fat and sugar content. Avoid such food with sugar and Tans fat as they are bad for health.
9.Eat light dinner and allow your body to breakdown the excess fat. Also, make sure to take dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed. You must allow time to your body to break down the food before you go to bed.
10.Eating slowly is also another great way to have fewer calories, so, practice it. This is a healthy habit that helps you to burn the extra calorie without converting into fat.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know the minimum calorie requirement, but it is also important to know how to burn out the excess calorie. Follow the above tips to burn calories along with a weight loss diet and stay fit and healthy.

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